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site investigations and analysis

Accurate site investigation

Site investigation can take a number of different forms and be required for a range of reasons, all of which we will be able to assist with. We can provide a geotechnical report to outline ground conditions, which can be used for foundation design as well as other purposes. At Redbrick, our extensive knowledge of the ground conditions in the East Midlands, Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire areas enables us to give you an accurate report. We are based in Newark and Mansfield.

A site investigation is a follow on from a desk top or conceptual model. It involves a physical investigation of the geological nature of the site as well as any previous activity. This will usually involve chemical and geotechnical testing of the soil to determine the properties of the soil type. Trial pits will also be dug to examine the load bearing ability of the soil, as well as the extent of any human activity displayed in the historical records.

How it's done

• Excavation of trial pits

• Extraction of soil samples

• Instigation of geotechnical and laboratory soil testing

• Quantitative risk assessments

• Soil type and load bearing capacities assessed

Our intrusive site investigation will include

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Accurate site investigation